Masterclass Fay Claassen

TUESDAY DECEMBER 10 11:30 am untill 6:30 pm / TICKETS GRATIS - Graag reserveren. Bij eventuele annulering of wijziging nemen we contact met u op.
Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Zwijsenplein 1, 5038 TZ Tilburg

Masterclass by Fay Claassen

It seems the most natural thing in the world, when Fay Claassen brings English and Dutch pop songs, original compositions or standards of the "Great American Songbook" with her touching voice to new life.

When phenomenal improvisation and perfect intonation seem to be a child's play, combined with enormous emotional depth and more than twenty years of musical experience.

Born in Nijmegen, a city in the east of the Netherlands, Fay Claassen began with a ballet and theater training at early age, then switched to the musical subject and presented an impressive career.

With her unmistakable timbre, she is one of the great female voices of European jazz.

The Masterclass is open for audience and free!