It's Simple, I am Complex

WOENSDAG 22 MEI 20:00 UUR tot 20:20 UUR / ENTREE €7,50 FHK GRATIS
De NWE Vorst Willem II straat 49, 5038 BD Tilburg

Within the Dance Academy of Fontys Arts, we have exceptional students who opt for the road less travelled: the Bachelor of Choreography. The Bachelor of Choreography is a notable feature of the dance programme in Fontys, having been the stepping stone of multiple choreographers who now design the current dance scene in the Netherlands. This year’s graduation performance of the choreography bachelor will feature “It’s Simple, I am Complex”, a delicate yet captivating work by Lucas Devroe.

Through his choreographic works, Lucas aims to share his view of the world we have created around us and the social norms, rules, and expectations that come with it. His fascination lies within the relationship of the collective and the individual. Seeing as one cannot exist without the other, Lucas investigates on how they play with each other and how much influence one has on the other. He zooms into the social conditions of the individual while disintegrating sociological issues we face in our modern-day lives. He transforms his ideas into palpable emotions seen in visual bodies in space by maximising the intentions with only the most essential movement.

For his final project, Lucas examines the core of our being: gender. More importantly, he examines the social construct we have built around it – while attempting to dissect the norms. It is a journey of coming of age and realising that acceptance can be the answer and the problem at the same time. How do we mould ourselves as individuals? How do we feel a sense of belonging without the sense of losing our identity? The world is a world full of complex paradoxes, run by people who are simply human.

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”


Concept & choreography: Lucas Devroe
Performers & co-creators: Astrid Klein Haneveld & Jochem Eerdekens
Composition: Huy Le
Coaching: Pia Meuthen
Special Thanks to: Tanja Becher & Izah Hankammer