Aura Bouw - Ubuntu

DINSDAG 21 MEI 19:30 UUR tot 20:20 UUR / ENTREE GRATIS - Donations will cover the production costs of the show. Everything that is left, will go to War Child
Factorium Koningsplein 11A, 5038 WG Tilburg

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Ubuntu is an African philosophy: The belief that we are defined by the compassion and kindness we show to others. It is the dedication to, and relationship between people.

The show ‘Ubuntu’ is all about the need for human connection & compassion.
It shows subjects like war, refugees, poverty, repression, but most importantly:

If you want to experience the premiere of new composed music by Aura Bouw,
a newly choreographed dance by Emma Versluys and film footage from all over
the world - Ubuntu promises to be an experience to remember!

The entrance is free - Donations are welcome. Donations will cover the production costs of the show. Everything that is left, will go to War Child.




Music: Aura Bouw (Aura Composition)
Performin musicians: Nicci Nova, Emiel Scholsberg, Koen Wijnen en Mirthe de Jonge. 
Dance: Emma Versluys
Edit film: Maaike de Haard 
Visual presentation: Ian Biscoe, Maaike de Haard, Aura Bouw