CANCELLED Xavier Geerman - 'Storia di Macuarima'

De NWE Vorst Willem II straat 49, 5038 BD Tilburg

Fotograaf: Christina Fazari

Helaas is deze voorstelling gecancelled. 

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Kaartuitgifte voorafgaand aan de voorstellingsavond gaat via de student. Op de voorstellingsavond zelf worden er, een uur voor aanvang, kaarten uitgegeven bij De NWE Vorst. 

This Opera presents the story of Macuarima as a mystical journey through 3 different worlds. The first one is the reality world, the second one is the spiritual world and the third one is the memory world.
The reality world is the one where we live in. It is the present time, the “now”. In this world a summoning ritual will take place. After the summoning ritual has been successfully performed we will enter the second world which is the spiritual world. In the second world, the spirits who are summoned will come forward and tell us their story from their perspective. The third world is the world of the memory. Here you will see what the spirits can remember from the events that took place in their time period. People usually only remember an event by a few specific details that made a strong impact on the person. The other details are often abstract and if you ask 2 people that experienced the same event, both will tell you a very similar story, but some of the details will be completely different. This is why the third world will also appear strange with a few things out of place. After the story has been told we will return to the first world where the ritual will come to an end.

Librettist: Xavier Geerman Composer: Xavier Geerman Director: Els van Heijst Choreographer: Sarah Prescimone Decor: Jolein Kop Musical Director: Loes Reiling Soloists Students of the FHK Academy of Music and Performing arts Musicians: Students of the FHK Academy of Music and Performing arts Choir: Students of the FHK Academy of Music and Performing arts Dansers: Students of the FHK Dance Academy